Friday, March 11, 2011

The WoWO's have made the big time!!!

I am so excited I am about to burst at the seems. The WoWO's are a featured Quaantum book club for Dianna Love's new Website!

As you've heard me mention on my blog many a time, Author Dianna Love has a wonderful website for book clubs (called Quaantum readers). She gives away copies of books that authors, like herself, offer up to book clubs to read and discuss. The WoWO's have had an amazing experience with the authors that we've been given books of: See the WoWO reviews for Wild Heart by Lori Brighton (click here to see the review) and The Education of Mrs. Brimley by Donna MacMeans (click here to see the review).

Recently the Dianna Love website has been revamped and the WoWOs were asked to become a featured Quaantum Book Club for the launch of the new site. I got to deal with Cassondra, Dianna Love's assistant and she's really a great person to deal with. I'm proud to announce that the website is up and its fabulous.

See the WOWO's Quaantum Book Club feature write up here or click the Quaantum Readers image above. You can also see all the other wonderful features of Dianna Love's new website. Enjoy!

Once you get to the link you need to scroll down about halfway and you'll see the write up of the WoWO book club.

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