Saturday, June 02, 2018

Book Review - After You Left by Carol Mason

After You Left

My Rating: 4/10 Stars (2/5 Stars) - C
Goodreads Rating: 3.87/5 Stars

There are two story lines threading through this book:
1) Present Time - Alice is on her honeymoon when her groom Justin disappears with only a note that doesn't explain much.

2) 1960s - Evelyn is Married but keeps seeing (and thinking of) a man she met one time at a wedding, the man she stood up for a first date years ago to leave town and not look back - yet she keeps looking back.

These two story line converge when Evelyn and Alice meet in present time at Alice's workplace (art gallery), where a friendship is formed.

I didn't love this book, both of these story lines bothered me quite a bit in the details.  Justin's reasoning for disappearing during his honeymoon, Evelyn's pining for an old "kindof" flame. 

There were things that I did like about this story: 

  • The story line is different than anything I have ever read
  • There were some little twists and turns as well.  So I don't regret the read.
  • There are some references in the book to the painting from Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World.  This is not a painting I was previously familiar with and I found myself looking it up to see it.

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