Tuesday, December 31, 2019


As 2019 comes to a close, I am looking back at all of my reads this year and I am pleased with the results.  I didn't post many of my books read this year for a variety of reasons so I've included links to Goodreads in the below list.  I am very happy with the quality of books that I read this year and actually the quantity.  I did not expect a big reading year so I gave myself a 15 book challenge and I ended up doubling that.  For some 31 books doesn't seem like a lot but i used to only read 1 book a month, so this is pretty big for me.  I really found my reading groove this year and I hope this continues.  I also found a couple of new authors that I can't wait to read more next year.

Goodreads does a really nice Year in Review, so before I get into my Top 10, I'd like to share my results.

My Books Read in 2019

Run Away
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
The Silent Patient
The Weight of Blood
This Tender Land
Olive Kitteridge
The Nest
The Man in the Brown Suit
Far From True
The Fire Child
The Institute
Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law
Bird Box
The Sisters
The Chain
An American Marriage
The Masterpiece
Where the Crawdads Sing
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Broken Promise

My 2019 Top 10 Countdown

10. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley StartupBad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a silicon startup by John Carreyrou - 4 stars (B-)
9. The Weight of BloodThe Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh - 4 stars (B+)
8. The Great AloneThe Great Alone by Kristin Hannah (B+)
7. Little Fires EverywhereLittle Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng - 4 stars (B+)
6. The Silent PatientThe Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides - 4 Stars (B+)
5. Where the Forest Meets the StarsWhere the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Venderah - 4 stars (A-)
4. Where the Crawdads SingWhere the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens - 4 stars (A-)
3. The ChainThe Chain by Adrian McKinty - 5 Stars (A)
2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoThe Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid - 5 Stars (A)

... And my FAVORITE book of 2019....

1. This Tender LandThis Tender Land by Williams Kent Krueger - 5 stars (A+)



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Happy Holidays!!!

As we wrap-up December, I feel very happy with the books that I read this month, heck - this year.  I got my reading groove back this year and excited to see what the new year holds.  I will be doing a Top 10 Year wrap-up but in the meantime, let's wrap up December.

My books read for December:

Ask Again, YesASK AGAIN, YES by Mary Beth Keane (C+)

Run AwayRUN AWAY by Harlan Coben (B)

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoTHE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO by Taylor Jenkins Reid (A)

The Silent PatientTHE SILENT PATIENT by Alex Michaelides (B+)

Even though it's clear that SEVEN HUSBANDS was my favorite, I don't want to label any my least favorite this month because I enjoyed every one of them this month in their own way.  I got something out of each one of these and had some really good book discussions.


Monday, December 30, 2019

ASK AGAIN, YES by Mary Beth Keane

Ask Again, YesAsk Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane

My Goodreads rating: 3 of 5 stars
My Personal rating: 5/10 (C+) ABOVE AVERAGE

I am starting to realize that family drama may just not be my thing. It was well written and I can find no real fault with the story or the writing. It bounced back and forth a bit in mid conversation but not so much that i couldn't follow along. I wouldn't minding reading another type of book written by Keane but I don’t think I would recommend this one unless I knew this was the type of book that the person liked. This isn't my first family drama that others liked that I didn't enjoy - enter THE NEST by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. This one was better than THE NEST, but it still never fully succeeding in pulling me into the story and I found myself picking up my phone or watching TV after each chapter, not anxious to read another.

What I did very much like about this novel is that it explores what mental illness that is not treated can do to a family and the individuals that make up that family unit and I think it handled that subject very well.

My favorite quote:
"They'd both learned that a memory is a fact that's been dyed and trimmed and rinsed so many times that it comes out looking almost unrecognizable to anyone else who was in the room."

This is most likely my last finish of the year.  I don't regret reading this one and I've had several amazing reads this year, so I am content with this one being the end - its a book that makes you think.

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

RUN AWAY by Harlan Coben

Run AwayRun Away by Harlan Coben
My Goodreads rating: 3 of 5 stars

My Personal rating: 7/10 (B) ENJOYABLE

Well done complex plot that had some good surprises and twists along the way. I've read one other Coben book: Just One Look, I gave it the same rating but feel the same about Coben - he is consistent in his ability to write a thriller with some really good twists and turns.

My favorite quote:
"Fagbenle looked annoyed. “I’d like to continue my questioning.” “And I’d like to tongue-bathe Hugh Jackman,” Hester said, “so both of us are going to have to live with a little disappointment.” Hester rose."

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