Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raven Stole the Moon by Garth Stein

**Disclaimer: I received this book compliments of HarperCollins and Terra Communications in exchange for an honest review **

Publish Date: March 2010

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Jenna and Robert had the perfect marriage until tragedy hit them two years ago. Jenna has since had issues getting over the loss of her son, who drowned and his body was never found. On the two year anniversary of the tragedy, Jenna runs away from her husband and life in Seattle to Alaska, the location of her ancestry and of the tragedy that changed their lives forever. Jenna needs this trip to get answers, hopefully this will allow her to heal and move forward with her life. Once in Alaska strange things begin to happen to her and she's lead on a path that once started she is determined to finish, there is no way she will turn back now. Intertwined with this story is the story of Shaman Dr. David Livingston, who almost died trying to rid Thunder Bay - the location of the tragedy, of it's negative powers before the tragedy of her son. Jenna finds David and asks for his help. David warns Jenna of the powerful kushtaka, soul stealers of Tinglit legend, but she is determined to find answers and get closure one way or another.

After reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, I was so excited to read another Garth Stein book. So when I was contacted by Terra Communications to give a review of his newest book, I jumped at the chance. Having nothing but the highest of expectations I dove into the book as soon as I could and I was not disappointed. What I didn't expect was the supernatural element to this story, and this made me enjoy it even more. The Tinglit Indian legend of the kushtaka and Raven were very interesting to read about and the supernatural elements were well written and exciting to read. Jenna's character was so real and believable, I could really relate to her. The only downside to this book was the fact that this book was originally copy written in 1998 and some of the terminology and references were obvious to the 1990's, so it dated the book a little bit. But it wasn't enough to deter me from the fabulous storyline. This was different than anything I've read before and refreshing in it's storyline (even with the 90's references). I really enjoyed the Alaskan setting in this book and the character development. I found the interactions realistic to the situations and even with supernatural elements, it was not over the top as some stories can be. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to read this one and look forward to more from Garth Stein.

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  • Monthly Mixer Mele Challenge
  • Hogwarts reading challenge - (Care of Magical Creatures)
  • RYOB reading Challenge
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  1. I really enjoyed this book. It is a quick read and if you love a mix of adventure, romance, and a little paranormal thrown in, you'll appreciate this novel. I felt like I was there as the descriptions of the surroundings were presented in just enough detail, without feeling overdone. You really felt for the characters and their situations. I love anything to do with Alaska and the native culture. There is a nice blend of these subjects in the storytelling. It gets a little too funky towards the end and you have to suspend reality a bit, but it is certainly entertaining.