Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fall-Winter Mystery Reading Challenge Wrap Up

I did not finish this challenge as I would have hoped. I only read 3/7 themed books planned.


1 Paranormal or gothic mystery for Halloween - Violets are Blue by James Patterson
2 Autumn/harvest/Thanksgiving related mystery -
2 Winter/snow/Xmas/Hannukah etc related mystery -
1 resolutions/new begininngs related mystery -
Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger
1 Romantic mystery/Valentine's related -
Pitch Black by Susan Crandall


  1. Hi Faith,
    As the author of one of your theme related reads, I thank you!!
    Susan Crandall

  2. Thanks for Posting Susan. It's always nice to see authors being involved with their readers.

    I have been having trouble getting email when someone comments on my blog posts and finally got it fixed, so I apologize for not posting sooner. I plan to read more of your books in the future, do you have a recommendation on which I should jump into next?