Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire: A Step-by-Step Guide to Loving the Bad and the Beautiful by Diana Laurence

Rating: 2/5 Stars

I received this book as an ARC request in early October. I was very excited to start reading this and although it was "cute" it really didn't live up to my expectations.

Diana Laurence writes a self-help book for vampire lovers. The idea of this book is fascinating to me, with all the vampire books, tv shows and movies out there these days - its the right time for a book like this. I however expected something a little more tongue-in-cheek. I felt that Laurence took a more serious approach instead of a quirky approach, which I think would have made this book at success.

Maybe the trouble is it was more written for a teen? Not sure but something was missing for me.

There were a few notable quotes from this book:
  • "Women just get so sick of being good that they are completely and utterly and downright chomping-at-the-bit ready for a nasty vampire. and when you are ready for nasty, what you need is a bad vampire."
  • vampire pickup line: "They say a diamond is forever -- I can promise you an eternity."

This book fills the following challenges and groups:

  • Booktivity November Special: I thank for... not needing to know how to catch and keep a vampire
  • Booktivity November: Activity
  • PBT November Tag: Other
  • Monthly Mixer Mele Challenge (V for vampire in noVember)


  1. Hi Faith! I like to post my thanks to all the people who review my book, good or bad. So thank you!

    I'm sorry the book wasn't quite what you're looking for. It was written for teens and adults alike...and as you wisely observed, is more than just a humor book. As for its more "serious" side, I liked how TrueBloodNet described it recently: "a wonderful guide to balancing fantasy and passion with your ordinary life." That's what I was going for.

    But like any book, it won't be perfect for every reader! I respect every reviewer's opinion as well as your willingness to spend the time on my book.

    Best wishes!

    Diana (www.howtocatchandkeepavampire.com)

  2. Faith,
    There seems to be a growing trend of serious books that people our age would think would be tongue and cheek. My son Alex loves to read Zombie books and one of his favorite is The Zombie Survival Guide. I picked it up thinking it would be a quirky book about Zombie lore but no, it is written as if Zombies existed. It was too serious for me. Alex has some other books like this.
    I would love a spoof on the vampire books as I am over the Twilight hype!
    Diane, thank you for being an author who stops by and leaves a comment. So many times authors ask us to review their book but never gives us reviewers any feedback. It is nice to know you are paying attention to what is being said about your writing.

  3. Sari, I just don't get that about authors, when it's so easy to use Google to find your book's reviews. And I truly am grateful for each reader who takes the time to review my book.

    Your remarks are insightful...I'll bet it's true that some people are just weary of the vampire hype and crave spoofs right about now. I get that, too; there are some Twilight spoof videos out there that just slay me. I shared this one on the How to Catch and Keep a Vampire Facebook fan page the other day: you guys might enjoy it too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1glNuQiE77E

  4. Thank you so much Diana for posting to my Blog! You are right, more authors should be looking for reviews and feedback this way!

    Im sorry the book wasn't for me, but I passed it on to my neice, who I think will really enjoy it.

    Sari, You are right and I too am over the Twilight hype! ;-)

    Thanks to both of you for posting!

  5. You're very welcome, Faith! And I'm glad to hear you'll be sharing the book with your niece. I hope she really likes it!