Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge

As usual the Play Book Tag Group at Shelfari is doing another great challenge that I can't miss out on.

Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge

Start Date: November 9

Objective: To read books that fit twelve tags inspired by the "Twelve Days of Christmas" holiday song.

Twist: Each book you read must be linked to the subsequent book.Challenge Winners:You can "win" in one of the following ways:

1. Complete all twelve reads such that they fit the tags.

2. Earn the most total points

3. Earn the most points in a given round

How It Works:

1. Every Monday, we will reveal a tag inspired by the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

2. Players will select a book that fits the tag and read it. You will earn points for the following:a) Reading a book that fits the song tag = 2 pointsb) If the book also fits the monthly tag = 3 more pointsc) Review the book = 5 points

3. The following Monday, a new tag will be announced, and that will afford you with more point earning opportunities. The goal is to LINK the book you read this week with the one you read the week prior in one or more of the following ways:

a) Same author

b) Shares at least one word in the title (articles don't count)

c) Published in the same year

d) Won or was nominated for the same prize

e) Is in the same genre (as judged by the admins)

f) Is set in the same country

g) Come up with ONE additional bond using your own creativity

For each bond, you will get one point. So the more bonds between the books, the better.

4. Each week, you must report the following in a specially designated (weekly) thread: - the book you read- did it fit the challenge tag- did it fit the monthly tag- the bonds with the prior book. If you can calculate your point totals, great!!

5. A winner will be announced each week for the person who has the most points for that particular pair of books, but slower readers are still eligible to compete and may supersede previously announced winners should they earn and report more points.

6. This challenge will run for 12 weeks. At that time, the person with the most overall points will be announced as well as all the players who have completed the challenge. And of course, there will be some handing out of prizes :).


The monthly tag is drama.

The tag inspired by the song is: Single

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree. Read a book tagged "single".

So, let's say you read: Hamlet by William ShakespeareHamlet is tagged "single" and "drama", so you would earn 2 points for single and 3 more points for drama. Your total is 5 points. You write a review, and therefore get a total of 10 points.

The following week, the tag is: On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, two turtledoves: read a book tagged "love".

So now, you decide to read: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Again, you would earn 2 points for love, 3 points for drama, and 5 points for your review - 10 pointsPlus, the book is written by the same author - 1 point.It's also in the same genre - 1 point

So, for this first round of the game (single/love), you would have 12 points. Your total score would be: 22 pts (10 for the first read and 12 for the second).

Sounds easy right? Ok, it sounds a little complicated but really fun. Can't wait to get started! I'll be tracking my progress on the left hand column of my blog, so check for updates regularly!

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