Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Violets Are Blue by James Patterson

Rating: 4/5 Stars

We all know Vampires aren't real, right? So then why are people all around the United States being killed and found with bite marks and drained of their blood?

That's where detective Alex Cross comes in: In Book #7 of the Cross series, Alex delves into the underground world of the Vampire to find the truth around these killings. Cross finds a whole underworld of people living their lives as Vampires, even partaking in the drinking of blood. Meanwhile, the Mastermind is back and is harrassing Cross with phone calls and threats, and then he starts to follow through on his threats. Alex Cross has to deal with many professional and person issues in this book which could probably have been broken out into two books. The Vampire Murders and the Mastermind plots are both individually enjoyable. Together they seem to try to take your mind of who the Mastermind could be, even though it's pretty obviously early on with the not so subtle hints given by Patterson.

All in all, I loved being back in the world of Alex Cross - I read Roses are Read early this year after being away from the series for some time and I was a little disappointed by the ending. Having read many Patterson novels over the years, including ones he's written with other authors, I have to say there is nothing like a PURE James Patterson novel. I am convinced that when he writes with other authors its mostly the other authors work and he put very little input in, and coming back to the old days when it was just him writing I am even more convinced. Patterson knows how to write a story that creates suspense and excitement that you can't wait to read on until the last page is read. Although I knew early who the Mastermind was, I did not know who did the Vampire killings and I was thoroughly entertained throughout the story. I really like when the Mastermind is reveiled they relive some of the old cases where the Mastermind was intertwined in that we didn't necessarily know about originally... I thought this aspect was pretty cool. I feel bad for the women he loves as they have all been attacked and/or killed because of their affiliation with Cross.. he's certainly not lucky with the ladies.

This book fits the following Groups/Challenges:
  • Fall Winter Mystery Challenge - Paranormal or gothic mystery for Halloween
  • PBT OCT Tag: Contemporary Fiction

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