Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6th Target by James Patterson

Rating: 3/5 Stars

3 Plots - One confusing story...

1) A shooting on a Ferry that leads to a man chase and one of the Women's murder club hospitalized.

2) The search for a missing child abducted from a local park.

3) Violent activities are occuring in one of the Women's Murder Club member's new apartment building.

This 6th installment of the women's murder club had barely any of the women's murder club in it. Yes, the regular characters are in it, and something happens to one of them and another is affected by violence in her building. But they didn't do their usual meet ups to discuss the crimes and that's one of the things I really like about this series; The dynamics of these women working together. I also am not happy about there being three stories that aren't related in the book. I like it when there is one primary plot OR two stories converge.. otherwise the details of each get fuzzy. In fact, the details got so fuzzy for me that at the end of the book I had forgotten about the third plot. That's how unexciting the third plot was. Each of the women in the murder club were involved in some way to each of the plots, so I guess that was meant to be the connection between them, but something missed for me here.

That said, I enjoyed the book enough to give it 3 stars because I really do like the characters in this series, I just wish they would stick to one good storyline. I will continue with the series, after I take a little break as I've been reading too many of these in a row it seems.

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