Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Movie Madness

I saw several movies this weekend and they were all very enjoyable.

Paranormal Activity

Katie and Micah recently moved in together and believe they are being haunted by something paranormal. Katie thinks she is the catalyst for this haunting and it used to the seriousness of the situation but Micah is new to the experience and almost treats it like a game. Hence the premise for the movie, recording their life to try to catch these hauntings on tape, so that they can figure out what it is and how to stop it. There is a lot of downtime in this movie, I assume for character development. But the suspense is incredible and the haunting scenes are down right creepy. I thought they did an excellent job with this movie, especially for low budget and I haven't been this creeped out by a movie since the Grudge.

Law Abiding Citizen

A man's family is brutally murdered and when the DA gives one of the killers a plea bargain with a very short sentence, the man sets out to make things right with a failed justice system.

This movie was amazing, until the very last scene. I was disappointed with the ending but the rest of the movie made it worth watching. Not to mention that Gerard Butler was excellent in this film.


Sam Rockwell plays astronaut, Sam Bell, who is coming to the end of his three year assignment on the dark side of the moon to gather a resource that has been found to power the earth. GERTY, a computer system voiced by Kevin Spacey, is also there to help Sam with his work. GERTY is Sam's only personal contact, communications with earth are only available via video messages. When an accident occurs while Sam is out fixing one of the mining machines, Sam wakes up in the infirmary and doesn't remember how he got there. Soon after, things start to get a little strange for Sam and he starts to realize that maybe things are exactly what they seem.

I thought this was very well done. Sam Rockwell holds this entire film together and you don't get bored of just seeing him all the time, which says something. It's a different film, not one that everyone would like. There is not a lot of action/adventure but it is sci-fi in nature.

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