Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009-40: Tools of the Trade

Being new to the blogging world I am finding lots of great sites and helpful information. This week I found Weekly Geeks... What a very cool site! They have all types of fun ideas to discuss on your blog and I've decided to join in this week and hopefully each week have some fun things to post on my blog.

This week's topic is Tools of the Trade and here is Ruth's Post to Weekly Geeks:

Book blogging, as a concept, is essentially pretty simple: If you have Internet access and an opinion about a book, you can be a book blogger. However, actually maintaining a book blog is much more complicated -- our blogs are labors of love that require a lot of time, energy and devotion. For this edition of Weekly Geeks, I want to focus on the little things that make your blogging and/or reading life a bit easier. Do you use sites like GoodReads, LibraryThing or Shelfari to organize your books? Do you swear by Book Darts? Couldn't live without your Book Buddy? Love connecting with other bloggers on sites such as Twitter? Tell us about what makes your blog tick. Is there something specific that keeps you organized or inspired?
For me, I haven't learned that many tools of the blogging trade as I haven't even been up a month on my blog. But one thing I can't live without is Shelfari. I've used Shelfari for quite some time and it is a timesaver, not to mention it's just fun to use, I could not live without Shelfari. I also love the Labels that Blogspot has on each post, so that you can easily find a related story if they are labelled correctly.

I am however very curious to see what other bloggers post as their tools to learn and expand my blogging experience so I will be checking other bloggers answers to this question.

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